~Love at First Sight


Is There really love at first sight or is it only limited to films? 

They say Love at first sight is feeling instant attraction about someone from the first time you set your eyes at him/her. The experience can be described as dramatic, intense and overwhelming. As psychologist Linda Blair says: ‘The feeling can make you feel unbelievably alive. It can knock you flat in any situation, and you shouldn’t view it with suspicion.’ A sense of physical and emotional intensity where your heart pounding and your eyes lighting up – is something we’d all like to experience. So is it just random, or can we all make it happen this way?

Do you believe in it? Could you fall in love at first sight? Have you ever experience it? What should you do when a new guy(whom you have fallen in love with at first sight) only seems interested in you for sex or the new lady for your wealth????

It will be nice if you can share your love story, we would love to listen….


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