Things A Man Can Do To Make Her Feel Loved

MarriageRelationships_580While being of the same species (Homo Sapiens), men and women have radically different thought processes. No one is more aware of this than the married man!

Ask a married man if he loves his wife and if she knows that he loves her. A typical male answer would go something like this; “Sure I love her and she knows it. I told her I loved her on our wedding day.” Mind you, this man has been married for five years!

As you can imagine the wife has a different viewpoint. Ask this mans wife if her husband loves her and she will reply; “Yes, he loves me, but in a different way than he did when we were dating.” This is code for ‘I’m sure he loves me, but he doesn’t show it.’


Men, you can easily bring the romance back into the marriage or keep the fire going by doing many small things that will seem huge to your wife and let her know that she is loved and special to you.

  1. Tell her you love her. This one is easy; tell her when you leave for work in the morning, or before going to sleep at night.
  2. Tell her often that she is beautiful.
  3. Listen to her. Make an effort to listen and respond to her conversations.
  4. Give her an afternoon ‘off’. Tell her you will watch the kids and let her go to the mall or to lunch with a girlfriend.
  5. Always remember important dates – birthday, anniversary, mothers’ day and Valentines Day. In this day and age of electronic gadgets there is no reason to ‘forget’. Set these dates into your watch, day planner or tasks menu on the computer.
  6. Give a spontaneous gift. Come home with the book she has been wanting to read, or a vase she has had her eye on.
  7. Give her flowers for no reason.
  8. Surprise her with a ‘get away day’. Make arrangements for the kids and take her to the beach for the day, or someplace that is special to the two of you.
  9. Set up a weekly date night with your wife.
  10. Create romance. While your wife is winding down from the day sneak into the bedroom and light candles, put your favorite music on, lay a rose across her pillow and run a bubble bath. She will be giddy with pleasure at your thoughtfulness.
  11. Hold hands. Just touching brings a feeling of togetherness.
  12. Notice and comment on changes. Really look at your wife. If your wife changes her hair color and you fail to notice then you are not paying enough attention to her.
  13. Lighten her workload. While she is grocery shopping or picking up the kids, run the vacuum, start the laundry, or clean the kitchen. She will be grateful for the help.
  14. Be amusing. Our home is the place where we can ‘let our hair down’ and complain about job situations or people. Sometimes we let this attitude take over and it becomes ‘the norm’. Make an effort to bring humor into the home.
  15. Play games. Play a game of cards or a board game with your wife.
  16. Cook a special dinner just for her.
  17. Don’t snap. Everyone has annoying little habits. Ignore them, or take the time to talk them over with her.
  18. Leave the bad day at the office. Instead of making the evening miserable by reliving the events of the day rejoice in the fact that you are home with a loving wife.
  19. Tell her often that she is beautiful. No it’s not a mistake, this is mentioned a second time because it’s that important! Your wife wants to be beautiful for you, and hearing you say it makes her feel beautiful.
  20. Tell her often that you love her. Your wife wants to know without a doubt that you love her.  Hearing you say those words constantly reassures her and makes her feel happy and confident in your love.


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