Things A Woman Can Do to Make Him Feel Loved

MarriageRelationships_580You made it through the excitement of planning the wedding, the wedding itself and a fantastic honeymoon. Perhaps you have even added new additions to your family.

‘Life’ has taken over and become mundane and hectic. Maybe you feel that you and the most important person in your life, your husband, are becoming remote and detached. Or worse, your husband has actually stated that you have changed.

Instead of becoming frustrated and irritated, think back to when you were dating and first married. How did you treat him then? What has changed?

wife-feeding-husbandAll marriages experience this ‘bump in the road’ however you can easily bring back the romance and once again make him feel like the most important person in your life.

Here are 20 small and easy things you can do to make your husband swell with pride and love when he thinks of you.

  1. Put on make up and fix your hair – add some jewelry. (Pretend that you are getting ready for that big first date!)
  2. Put a card in his lunch box, or a note in his wallet that says, “I love you”.
  3. Greet him with a smile. When he comes home from work do not be scowling at the door just waiting to tell him about your lousy day. Smile and think of something amusing that happened during your day.
  4. Surprise him. Buy him his favorite candy bar, a special magazine that he likes, or download his favorite song(s).
  5. Find a babysitter. Create an evening for the two of you. Go out to dinner and a movie or just watch a movie on TV and have popcorn. Together. Just the two of you.
  6. Find ways to tell him that he is still the best-looking most personable man on the planet.
  7. Give in and do that ‘thing’ that he has been bugging you to do.
  8. Let him know how much you value his skills whether they are fixing the car, the plumbing or muscling open a stubborn jar. Everyone likes to feel appreciated.
  9. Find time to say, “I love you” and tell him you are the luckiest woman in the world to have him.
  10. Show interest in his hobbies.
  11. Fix his favorite meal. (Add candles to take it up a notch.)
  12. Don’t nag. Everyone has annoying habits. Telling him every time he forgets to replace the cap on the toothpaste takes more time than it does to put the cap on!
  13. Give him a foot massage while watching TV.
  14. Complement freely.
  15. Ask for help. (Men love to feel like the hero!)
  16. Thank him. This lets him know that what he does is appreciated.
  17. Order a pay-per-view sporting event that he loves, tell him to invite his friends.
  18. Make him a bubble bath. He may grouse, but secretly he’ll love it!
  19. Go to bed together. If your favorite show is on, record it!
  20. Treat him the way you want to be treated.

By: KathyB

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