What Really Motivates Employees? [Infographic]

employee motivationThink money motivates your employees? Sure. But it’s not the biggest motivator.

It’s no secret that happy, satisfied employees are a key ingredient to a successful company. But what really motivates people? Many entrepreneurs believe that digging into their pocketbooks will help drive employee engagement, but the reality is that 67% of workers say praise and commendation from a manager is what truly motivates (vs. the 52% who say an increase in base pay does the trick).

Instead, consider making quality time with each employee a priority, pick up a personal tangible gift, offer a high five or fist bump, tell them they’re doing a great job or pitch in on a task. Connect with them. They’ll respect you more and work harder as a result.

Take a look at the infographic below for more on the many factors involved in motivating employees. This infographic takes a look at the truth behind employee engagement and how you can motivate your workforce without reaching into your pocket.

42% of the global workforce says they’re disengaged at work. []

90% of leaders say employee engagement is essential to their businesses. []

75% of leaders do not have an employee engagement strategy. []

Click to Enlarge, (then click the thin picture again to zoom in)

clarity-employee-motivationTraditional thinking follows that the more you pay someone the more loyal and satisfied they are in their job. But, the truth behind employee motivation is a more complicated mix including praise, autonomy, and leadership opportunities.

What do you do to motivate your employees? Share with us below!

By: Kathleen Davis

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