About me? wow! I feel like a celebrity already.. you will get to know me along the way. Oh! I changed my mind…

A bit about me
Olivia is a graduate in business administration with two masters degree in public administration and business administration (MBA specializing in marketing)] in UK institutions. A realist and deep thinker who believes that competition makes us better in what we do; brings about both invention and innovation in the world; makes organization strive to satisfy their customers; can increase both employees’ performance and employers’ efforts to motivate and maintain workforce. Am much fun when the need arises, industrious and hard working when I have to but not a workaholic. I believe that there is time for everything. I love appraisals, suggestions, comment as well as critics.

OlivineXPresssblog is here to express views, share opinions as well as listen to what you have to say. I admit that I do not know everything and I am not ever going to try to claim that I do. This blog is open to your opinion and suggestions. please feel free to read the articles and comment on what you think about the posts if you may.

6 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Nice idea and innovation…. keep up the good work but do well to welcome praise as well as criticisms to bring out the best u gat to offer.. 😉

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